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About Harvey McDonald:

Harvey was born and raised on a Saskatchewan farm.

He has hunted Whitetail deer for over 35 years.

His passion for Whitetail deer began about 20 years ago and has grown to the point that he has been registered as a preferred outfitter by the North American Hunting Association, has numerous magazine articles written about him and his camps, has been quoted and referred to in Jeff Murray's book "Moon Struck", has been interviewed by Bill Jordon on his Realtree Outdoors television Show and can be seen on Bill Jordon's "Monster Bucks III" video.

His camp was on Cabela's Outdoor Journal TV show.

Has been on the Outdoor Channel with Hunting the World.

He is also showcased on the video by Northern Visions, "Canadian Whitetail Outfitters IV, Volume 1."

Other trophy big game he has harvested are: Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat, Elk, Yukon & Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Barren Ground Caribou, Interior Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Yukon Timber Wolf, Wild Merino Sheep, Polynesian Boar, Mule Deer, Red Stag and Muskox.


About Elusive Saskatchewan
Whitetail Outfitter

ELUSIVE SASKATCHEWAN WHITETAIL OUTFITTER has been in business since 1990. Over the years we have worked hard to be one of Saskatchewan's best whitetail hunting camps. Our large repeat clientele is a reflection of that.

OUTFITTING AREA: My hunting area is located on the south side of the provincial forest, approximately 30 miles south east of Meadow lake. It is approximately 80,000 acres. Our hunting area has some of the best deer habitat and White Tail deer genetics that the Saskatchewan Provincial forest has to offer.

HUNTER LAKE CAMP: Accommodation is a warm, comfortable, oil heated, non-modern cabin that gives you a truly northern wilderness experience, while in pursuit of your trophy Whitetail deer. It has a generator, but we use 12 volt lights, so we don't have to listen to generator noise. The cabin is located 5 miles into the forest on the edge of a small lake. It is the only cabin on the lake and the only cabin for miles. The lake has Yellow Perch and Northern Pike fish in it.

NEEB CAMP: Accommodation is a 1650 square foot, seven bedroom cabin. It gives you all the comforts of home while hunting in our northern Saskatchewan wilderness. It is located on 320 acres of privately owned Saskatchewan forest with a small creek running through it.

ARCHERY CAMP: Our archery hunts are out of the Neeb camp. We can accommodate 5 people a week there. A lot of time is spent on our archery stand preparation. It's a great hunting opportunity for archery enthusiasts.

HUNTING: In the forest, the most productive means of hunting is in a tree stand.? I have a feed site at every stand. The stand has a 2' x 3' platform with a formed fiberglass swivel seat. We also have some heated, enclosed stands for cold weather hunting. Most of my clients sit in the stand all day. All it takes is 15 seconds and if you are not there in those 15 seconds, your dream buck will keep on going! Access to the stands is done mainly by quad runner at Hunter Lake camp and by truck, truck quad combination at Neeb camp. I suggest that you bring the rifle you are used to using. Most of the shots taken are within 50 yards.? If you have a choice of rifle, 30.06, 7mm. or 300 are good, because of their knock down power.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: The normal daytime temperature during the hunting season is 25 degrees F. and 10 degrees F. at night time. It can be as warm as 45 degrees F. in the daytime, but it can also be as low a -20 degrees F., so come prepared for the extremes. Some of our best deer movement is in colder weather, so you don't want to be sitting at camp even when it gets cold!


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